Hugo and Erin's Scottish Wedding

Being a Devon photographer, it was exciting to be packing the van up, driving to Scotland and getting the ferry over to The Isle of Arran to capture the beautiful wedding of Hugo and Erin in August. 

The Isle of Arran is known for its beautiful landscape, and it set the stage for Hugo and Erin's dream wedding. With its rolling hills, rugged beauty, and pristine beaches, this magical isle provided the ideal backdrop for an amazing day celebrated by their friends and family.

With the sparkling blue waters of Arran's coast as a breathtaking backdrop, Hugo and Erin exchanged heartfelt vows in an outdoor ceremony that was nothing short of magical. Surrounded by the grandeur of Arran's nature, their love was given life and purpose, symbolising their commitment to each other.

The couple hosted their reception in a rustic yet charming venue, providing guests with panoramic views of Arran's breathtaking landscapes. The décor was a fusion of tradition and the natural world, featuring floral arrangements that mirrored the wildflowers that blanket the island.